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Where is the camp located?
Glover Field - East Sanford BLVD, Pelham, NY 10803. Take Hutchinson River Pkwy to E Sandford Blvd. Take exit 8 from Hutchinson River Pkwy S/Take exit 9 from Hutchinson River Pkwy N.. Turn left onto E. Sanford BLVD; Turn left onto Glover Complex Access Road. Field(s) will be on the right.

What forms do I need to fill out and/or read for the first day of camp?
Campers/parents should bring a completed Hold Harmless Waiver Form and hand it in at check-in with our camp administrator upon arrival. Parents should also read through our staggered drop-off and pick-up schedule for appropriate times. Lastly, parents should be aware of the Glover Field guidelines/rules. All three of these forms are available on our web-site's Home Page under "Registration". 

What do I need to send my child to camp with every day?
Campers should bring cleats, sneakers, baseball pants/hat, glove, and any other baseball equipment they normally play with. Campers are encouraged to bring beverages, small snacks, or lunch to eat at break time before the afternoon game at 11:45am.

What is the camp "waitlist" and what are my chances of coming off of it and getting into the camp?
Given that the camp roster fills up by May or June annually, parents should register as soon as possible. When the camp has no space remaining, campers are placed on the waitlist. Travel baseball tournaments, injuries, and family summer plans changing can open up spots on the camp roster. In this case, camp admins will contact families to alert them that they are coming off the waitlist and able to attend camp. 

Can I change the camp week(s) that my child is registered for?  Contact the Pelham Recreation Dept. to make changes to see whether there is availability for the camp week that you would like to switch to. If possible given the camp enrollment in your child's age group, your request may be accommodated.  All requests should be made 30 days in advance of a given camp week. 

If my son has a tournament that pops up or develops a sore arm/wants to rest during a camp week, do I receive a refund or credit? Camp weeks are scheduled months in advance by Rising Star so we cannot provide refunds because a camper's tournament is re-scheduled or spills into a given camp day/week. The camp pays for insurance, staffing, and more for each camper and cannot replace that camper at the last moment. With so many campers playing on travel baseball teams, players do often develop tired arms. They can still perform most of the camp activities without pitching or throwing rigorously during the drills and afternoon games.                               

Can girls attend camp?
Yes. Several girls have attended the camp over the years, especially in the Prospects One Hour Program (ages 4-5) and the Rookie Field (ages 6-8).

Can I send my child for just one week of camp?
Yes. Campers may attend for as many weeks as desired. Some enroll for every camp week, while others come for just one week.

Are actual games played at camp or is it just instruction? Every camp day an afternoon game is played. Generally, drills and instructional activities are focused on in the morning and seven inning games take place in the afternoon. Much of the instruction from the morning is reinforced during the afternoon game.

Does the camp provide transportation to and from the field?  No. Many parents carpool upon finding out who/where the other campers live.

How are campers placed for groups/teams? On the first day of each camp week, campers are evaluated on various baseball skills.  Using this data gathered by the coaching staff, campers are placed by age and ability level (not by grade or social preference). 

What happens if it rains?
On rainy or overly hot days (NYS heat index guidelines), camp will be cancelled and re-scheduled for a Friday rain make-up day. If the weather turns inclement in the middle of a camp day, parents will be contacted by a camp staff member via phone or text message for an early pick-up. A given camp week will contain a minimum of 3 1/2 camp days regardless of weather cancellations/early dismissals. 

Why does the camp day not run until 5pm?
Many campers that attend play on summer travel teams that have games starting at 5pm- 6pm in various locations. These campers prefer to get some rest in between the camp day and starting to travel to evening games.

Who are the coaches/counselors at the camp?
Perhaps the greatest feature of the Rising Star Baseball Camp is the quality of the coaching staff. The instructors are a combination of college coaches and players with college and/or professional playing experience. Several local high school coaches will also be present during the camp week. Many of the staff members are NY State Certified classroom teachers. The camp maintains an excellent camper:coach ratio in providing a personalized, educational experience.

How long has the camp been running for?
The camp began in July of 1998. Since its inception, the camp has helped produce hundreds of high school and dozens of NCAA baseball players. Currently, there are six former campers playing professional baseball. In the 2008 MLB Draft, former camper Tom Koehler was selected by the Florida (Miami) Marlins in the 18th Round. In June, 2018, Jojo Gray and John Valente were selected by the Cincinnati Reds (2nd Round) and Detroit Tigers (21st Round), respectively. Luis Guerrero was drafted in the 8th round of the 2019 MLB draft by the Houston Astros.

If we cancel the camp week that we registered for do we get a refund?  Camp insurance policies, staffing of coaches, t-shirt sizes and other equipment orders are based directly on specific camper enrollment prior to a given camp week.  Therefore, parents/campers must provide at least 30 days notice before cancelling or switching camp weeks without a doctor's note. 

What is the Tax Identification # (E.I.N.) of the camp? 
Rising Star Baseball Camp LLC's tax ID # is: 74-318-0953


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