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Throwing Prehab & Velocity Booster Program
During the camp week, players will be introduced to a variety of throwing exercises directed at maintaining arm health, properly warming up, utilizing effective mechanics, and bolstering velocity. After an initial throwing evaluation, players will experience a 90-minute throwing protocol that will expose them to a program they can integrate into their weekly arm care routine. Among the camp activities players will be exposed to include:
* Spin Rate Testing & Efficiency Drills
* MPH Readings on Showcase Day
* Weighted Implement Training
* Proper Deceleration Mechanics
* Therapeutic Band Routines
* Glute vs. Quad Dominant Throwing
* Shoulder Instability Workouts
* Curveball Introduction 

Click HERE  For Camp Throwing Warm-Up Footage
Click HERE  For Camp Arm Care Drills  
Click HERE  For Camp Hip & Shoulder Separation Drill 

 "The pitching fundamentals helped teach me proper mechanics and pitching techniques. These have helped me get to where I am today. In fact, several of the drills that I do on an everyday basis with the Miami Marlins' coaching staff were drills that were originally introduced to me by Coach Gurney." - Tom Koehler, Pitcher- Miami Marlins


See Rising Star Baseball Camp Sample Pitching/Throwing Video Analysis With Feedback from Former Camper & Current Washington Nationals Pitcher - Jojo Gray: Click HERE






Virtual Baseball Instruction improves players’ skills immediately with instant feedback.  
Players, coaches and parents are all saying the same thing: Our new virtual training offers one-on-one insight and computer aided technical analysis customized for the individual player by a high level coach. Never before could players get the one-on-one experience and have video to give them visualization with step by step break down.

[Click HERE  for more details on this exciting, innovative training].

  "The insightful hitting and pitching feedback has already led to a vast improvement for Alex during games. What we love most about the virtual experience is that we are able to reference the virtual training session video recording as much as we like. My wife also liked that Alex got professional instruction with just an iPhone and batting tee in our backyard!” 

Chris Busch (Parent of Alex Busch, 8) Pleasantville, NY 

"My 12 year old son Ryan loves baseball. Recently Coach Gurney did an amazing side by side video  analysis for him against an MLB pitcher. His analysis were very thorough and extremely helpful. He broke his pitching down to 4 steps and gave a key information to help Ryan prosper further. This is something no other coach has ever done. Ryan worked on the tweaks Coach Gurney suggested and able to pitch much harder. He had his first no hitter game and pitches with great confidence. I can’t thank coach Gurney enough for everything he does." 

Faisal Akram (Parent of Ryan Akram, Age 12) Putnam Valley, NY 



Campers (ages 13-15) may have recruiting-targeted videos posted on the camp web-site for high school/college coaches and professional scouts to view.  Since 1999, dozens of Rising Star Baseball Camp participants have been recruited to play high school varsity and NCAA Baseball.  One former camper is an active MLB player. 
Click on underlined player(s) to view video

Camper Name
NCAA Experience 
Pro Experience
Tom Koehler 2004 Stony Brook U.  (P) Miami Marlins
Matt Duran 2011 NRHS & Camp Coach (3B) NY Yankees
Andrew Zigmont
2012 Johns Hopkins U. (P)
Kevin To
2013 Prospect (P)
Jared Wiesel
2013 Prospect (OF)
Jayson Gray
2013 Dominican College (OF)
Daniel Dasgupta
2013 Skidmore College (C/SS)
John Valente 
2013 Prospect (P)
John Valente 
2013 Prospect (SS)
Campers and their parents may request a complimentary mechanical analysis video of their specific hitting/pitching fundamentals.
Click below on underlined link(s) to view samples
8 Year Old Right-Handed Batter - July, 2012  
10 Year Old Right-Handed Pitcher - August, 2012  
11 Year Old Right-Handed Pitcher - July, 2012  
11 Year Old Right-Handed Batter - July, 2012   
12 Year Old Left-Handed Batter - June, 2012   
12 Year Old Right-Handed Pitcher - July, 2012   
12 Year Old Left-Handed Pitcher - July, 2012   
14 Year Old Left-handed Pitcher - July, 2012   
14 Year Old Right-Handed Pitcher - July, 2012  
15 Year Old Right-Handed Batter - July, 2012   
Baseball Pitching Mechanics Overview (1:00)
How To Pitch Faster (2:09)
Baseball Pitching Grips Overview (4:15)
How To Pitch From The Stretch Position (1:02)
How To Pitch A Slider (1:06)
How To Pitch A Breaking Ball (1:08)
How To Pitch A Screwball (1:30)
How To Pitch A Palmball (1:00)
How To Throw A Vulcan Change Up (1:00)
How To Throw An Eephus Pitch (1:03)
How To Throw A Pick Off To First Base #1 (1:49)
How To Throw A Pick Off To First Base #2 (3:40)
How To Throw a Pick Off To Second Base #1 (2:49)
How To Throw a Pick Off To Second Base #2 (1:40)
How To Make A Catcher Throw To Second Base (2:04)
How To Make A Cut Off & Relay Throw (2:06)
How To Steal Second Base (1:35)
How To Steal Third Base #1 (2:45)
How To Steal Third Base #2 (2:00)
How To Dive Back To A Base On A Pick Off Attempt (1:33)
How To Take A Secondary Lead (1:55) 
Power Skips 
Knee Ups to 1B Stretch 
High Step Carioca 
Back Peddle 
Spiderman Walks 
Marching Soldiers 
Shuffle with Arm Over/Under 
Tire Hops 
Tire Flip
Tire Flip (In & Over) 
Thrower's Lunge 

Mariano Rivera
Justin Verlander
Stephen Strasburg
Stephen Strasburg vs. Matt Harvey
Max Scherzer
Tom Koehler
Miguel Cabrera
Bryce Harper #1
Bryce Harper#2
Mike Trout
Matt Kemp vs. Albert Pujols
Ike Davis#1
Ike Davis #2 
Robinson Cano vs. Daniel Murphy
Adam LaRoche vs. Chris Davis