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"Jayson loves your camp and wants to go all summer.  I'm not sure what you do differently at Rising Star -- there are lots of baseball camps around --but seems you've figured out the perfect combination of making it fun, really teaching them the game and "real" skills, and sportsmanship.  JJ is a very competitive little guy and had a blast all week with the other boys and coaches."
Jayni Allegria, Parent of Jayson (age 9)

"The camp drills address many baseball fundamentals that are not being properly taught."
David Dombrowski, GM/President - Philadelphia Phillies

"Billy and Peter had another fantastic summer at Rising Star. My friends from Tuckahoe who tried it this year were very impressed and will be back next summer as well. Your camp is organized and well run. We really enjoyed the photos and videos this year. The most significant impact was how great your coaches were with the boys teaching them so much about the game!!"
Lisa Gerken, Parent of Billy & Peter Gerken (ages 14 & 12)

"Coach Gurney has tremendous insight into the game of baseball. His drills cover numerous baseball fundamentals on an advanced level."
Lou Pavlovich, Collegiate Baseball

"Jared had such a great time at Rising Star as usual. He loves the coaches and learned a great deal about baseball techniques but also about being a team player. He gained a great deal of confidence this summer. Have a great school year and we look forward to seeing you on the field next summer if not before!"
Robin Bond, Parent of Jared Bond (age 12)

"The pitching fundamentals helped teach me proper mechanics and pitching techniques. These have helped me get to where I am today. In fact, several of the drills that I do on an everyday basis with the Miami Marlins coaching staff were drills that were originally introduced to me by Coach Gurney."

Tom Koehler, Pitcher - Miami Marlins

"Coach Gurney has a meticulous plan that he follows for the program which is geared towards getting players ready for the next level. Every drill that he incorporates, I have seen and completed throughout my five year career with the New York Yankees. These drills are essential for younger players if they are going to get to the next level."
Matt Duran, Infielder - New York Yankees

"I credit the majority of my baseball IQ to Coach Gurney and the Rising Star Baseball staff. Coach Gurney has been a mentor to me since age 9 - I will forever be grateful for his guidance and passion within baseball." 
Daniel Dasgupta, Baseball Operations - Houston Astros

"Your support throughout the years of my baseball career has been a blessing. From my first day at Rising Star to my current days, I have always learned something new. Rising Star Baseball Camp created an environment that has turned me into the player I am today. For that I am ever grateful for your support, Thank you again, Coach Gurney."
Jojo Gray, Pitcher - Cincinnati Reds

"Thanks for everything Coach Gurney. I couldn't have done it without you."
John Valente, Infielder - Detroit Tigers

"Thank you for another year of the best baseball camp on the face of the planet. Luca had a wonderful time, learned a lot...and a special shout out to the check-in guys who included Luca in their trivia challenges."
Will & Morgan Treves, Parent of Luca Treves (age 12)

"As the head coach, Coach Gurney is at the top. So impressed with him as the king of coaching, teaching, and also a great human being."
Pete Caliendo, USA Baseball National Team Coach

"Chris has attended Chelsea Piers Summer Camp, Cardinal Baseball, Greenwich Racquet Club, Boys and Girls Club, Camp Walt Whitman in New Hampshire in these years. But he told me your camp is the best ever!! What kind of special magic does your camp have? This week will be the last session for Chris because of visiting to Japan soon. But I would like to thank you from my heart and pay respect to your constant endeavor and positive attitude!"
Chizuru Takita, Parent of Christopher Takita (age 8)

"Coach Gurney, I wanted to let you know Tyler will be pitching for University of Rochester the next four years.  We are certain his experience at Rising Star during his early years was a contributing factor."
Vanessa & John McConway, Parents of Tyler McConway (age 17)

"Wow that was a great video you sent me!! Thanks for the great input, we will use it to make Matthew a better hitter. Brian always has a blast at camp and this week you have 1/3 of his travel team to add to the fun."
Ray Scott, Parent of Matt & Brian Scott (ages 14 & 11)

"Jamie is having a GREAT time at camp, as you know. Thanks for a great summer...he couldn't be happier and that means a lot to me and his mom."
Adam Schneider, Parent of Jamie Schneider (age 7)

"Coach Gurney has spent a lifetime accumulating baseball knowledge. If you want to become a better player, let Coach Gurney be your guide."
Mike Flam, The New York Times

"Chris and Charlie are really enjoying the camp. You guys do a stellar job with the kids!"
Andrea Pace, Parent of Chris & Charlie Pace (ages 13 & 7)

"Coach Gurney with his Athletic Development Training Program provides detailed prehab workouts that I perform daily in my off-season strength maintenance regimen and ultimately helps athletes reach peak levels of performance on the field."
Ray Rice, Running Back - Baltimore Ravens

"Thanks for the photo Coach Gurney!  I absolutely love when I show AJ a picture you sent and he tells me exactly what he is doing right and wrong in the photo.  He is learning so much and it shows when he plays.  Thanks for all of you and your staff's hard work! You run a mighty fine camp and AJ loves every minute he is there."
Lauren Migliarini, Parent of AJ Migliarini (age 11)

"I applaud Darren Gurney's instructional methods and the manner in which he teaches the fundamentals of the game. He combines his knowledge of the game with a keen instinct to detect and subsequently correct a mechanical flaw in the player and effectively deliver the message."
Roy Krasik, Senior Director – Major League Baseball

"Coach, he loves his time with you at Rising Star Camp.  He firmly believes that the level of instruction and sophistication that you're teaching at Rising Star is above and beyond what others receive and that your imprint on his game is significant. Whatever we can do to help you out, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thanks again, he’s already wanting to be a counselor when he’s older!!!"
Greg Coleman, Parent of Kevin Coleman (age 13)

"You run a wonderful camp. We traveled far to get to it and it was worth it! Keep up the good work!"
Brenda Maglich, Parent of Rory Maglich (age 15)

"Coach Gurney, I greatly enjoyed meeting your players and coaches and hope they enjoyed my presentation, stories and demos. I look forward to working with you to develop the next major league player from Westchester!
Dr. Daniel Laby, Boston Red Sox Hitting Vision Trainer

"Coach Gurney, Thanks for a great week in Japan with Team America! You're an awesome coach and influence. Adyn loved working with you."
Randy & Jennifer Collins, Parents of Adyn Collins (age 14)

"Coach, I want to thank you for making this week in the Dominican Republic an amazing experience. You taught me to always stay focused and be a leader and play the game with intensity. Thanks for all of your help."
Griff Tunison, Infielder - Team America (age 15)

"Coach Gurney, Matt absolutely loved the experience he had last summer on the DR trip and in particular playing for you. He LOVED it!!"
Jeff Hamilton, Parent of Matt Hamilton, Catcher - Team America (age 15)

"Thank you so much Coach! As a father, I want to thank you for your work with Christopher in your camps as well as keeping in touch on his progress years after he passed through! I am beyond proud to see him reach this point (NCAA D-I Baseball)."
Max Allen, Parent of Christopher Allen (age 17)

"Coach Gurney, I want to thank you for an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic. I really enjoyed your coaching style, you taught me many things about the game that I never thought of and a more advanced way of playing the game."
Evan Johnson, Infielder - Team America (age 15)

"Dear Coach Gurney, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow exponentially as a person and baseball player throughout the entire 2023 Italy trip. I am very grateful to have learned the little tips and tricks of baseball you showed that aren't thoroughly taught anymore. I look forward to being able to be coached by you again as it elevates my game as a player."
Samuel Cave, Outfielder - Team America (age 15)  

"Wow! What a tremendous experience in Japan. He loved every minute, but especially the baseball component. Thank you for all you did to make this an adventure he will never forget and hopefully an experience that will positively impact who he is as a person. Travel is one of the best tools to educate! Thank you for all that you have done for Merritt."
Louise Moses, Parent of Merritt Scott (age 14) 

"Hi Coach Gurney, The Cuba trip was absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for putting Jack in contact with such a great baseball opportunity. Your coaching and teachings from those early days at camp had a great lasting impression on Jack. And you continue to show him how to approach and appreciate the game the way it should be."
Dan Callahan, Parent of Jack Callahan (age 14) 

"Coach Gurney, I wanted to thank you for being such a great coach. The Dominican Republic trip experience was absolutely priceless and it was an incredible bond with guys all over the country. We are so grateful for you and all that you do for these young men."
Melissa & Bob Riebe, Parents of Aiden Riebe (age 15) 

"Thank you for running such a great program. Simon looks forward to your camp each summer and his only complaint is that by the time he comes home from sleep away camp there is only one week left of Rising Star."
Tamar Buchweitz, Parent of Simon Buchweitz (age 11)

"I appreciate all you've done for Luca over the years, he definitely learned a lot about baseball at Rising Star and always had fun. He committed to Immaculata University in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. Thank you for your help and your positive influence on him."
Renato Grammatica, Parent of Luca Grammatica (age 17)  

"I can't tell you how amazing this past week has been for Natanel. I have never seen him with such self-confidence and so happy. It is very clear that your program is so much more than just a baseball camp. It's all about believing in yourself. You have accomplished for Natanel more in this one week than any program he has ever been in. Kudos to you and your incredible staff on creating this amazing program!!! Looking forward to another great week!"
Dana Jason, Parent of Natanel Jason (age 10)

"Hi Coach, Ernie and I wanted to thank you so much for another great Rising Star Camp Summer! It's always sad to see it end. Your help in helping them grow as both baseball players and individuals and the special attention you give them is incredible and much appreciated."
Maggie McGovern, Parent of Ryan & Ethan Lloyd (ages 12 & 14)

"Coach Gurney, Thanks so much for all your help this summer! Ray had a great time and learned a lot. Your coaches were supportive and really helped him to grow his skills. Both my boys had a great time at the game last night!"
Rachel Lukashok, Parent of Ray Lukashok (age 11)

"He loves Rising Star and he will definitely be back next year. You do a great job with the boys. Thanks!"
Michele Wagner, Parent of Billy Wagner (age 9)

"Thank you so much for the photograph. Jascha really gained so much from his week at camp with Coach Sabatello and the other coaches. He LOVED the camp and actually wants to come back."
Deborah Sklarweiss, Parent of Jascha Weiss (age 6)

"Coach Gurney, I just want to say thanks again for all of your baseball feedback and support you have given to both Matt and Jared."
Wayne Almonte, Parent of Jared & Matthew Almonte (ages 14 & 13)

"If I had a boy who played baseball I would send him to your camp and I will send any of my elementary students from Fox Meadow your way in the future!
David "Doc" Scholl, Scarsdale HS Head Varsity Baseball Coach (2002-2016)

"Thanks for the feedback Coach Gurney. This is great stuff! I've already put it up on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook :-). It will also be interesting to compare these as the weeks go by. Keep up the great work!"
Michael Kelly, Parent of Owen Kelly (age 11)

"Thank you so much for providing a wonderful experience for Justin! He's looking forward to spending the summer with you all next year. Outstanding program! You and your staff are over the top professional, kind and set amazing examples for our children. Kudos to you!"
Linda and Ken Woodward, Parents of Justin (age 12)

"Niko was very pleased with the program and especially the coaching staff. They took the time to make him feel comfortable and that is a very important quality. His Coach Ruiz  was extremely nice. Having just the right chemistry for Niko. The children are all so kind Niko tells me! Thank you all very much!  The picture of Niko sent by the camp really shows the extra touch."
Tina Goutakolis, Parent of Niko Goutakolis (age 13)

"These emailed video analysis clips are so cool and full of great information. He loved the camp and can't wait till the 6th for more."
Judith Redlener, Parent of Caleb Redlener (age 12)

"This is his sport, he loves playing, loved the coaches and had a great time."
Randall Burr, Parent of Randy Burr (age 6)

"Thank you very much for your comments & video of Thomas at bat. Both my boys think the world of you and they enjoy coming to Rising Star. Thank you for helping them become better players."
Sonia Cannistraci, Parent of Thomas and Nicholas Cannistraci (ages 12 and 11)

"Thanks so much for the photo. Peter has had a great time at camp this year.  I think he's learned a lot, and he's been having fun. Thank you!"
Stephanie Tomei, Parent of Peter Tomei (age 10)

"You are so brilliant and diplomatic....and encouraging. Jakey has been watching that video like it's the Zapruder film of Kennedy and the grassy knoll....This is an amazing gift. Thank you!"
Sharon Seltzer, Parent of Jacob Seltzer (age 12)

"He loves your camp, as do all the boys I know from Pelham! And the report card is so great too!"
Gloria Lacilla, Parent of Ryan Lacilla (age 11)

"His hitting contunes to improve. He's one of the most consistent hitters in Scarsdale and his power is gradually improving too even though he's not a big kid. You guys are doing a great job with him."
David Krembs, Parent of George Krembs (age 9) 

"Otis had so much fun this week. We will defintely book your camp again next year, but let Otis do a few more weeks. Thank you for makng this week such a memorable occasion for Otis."
Ulrika Miller, Parent of Otis Miller (age 11)

"Coach Gurney, Thanks so much for your analysis and pointers - very valuable feedback. I can't thank you enough for a great three weeks - Max got so much out of it and we look forward to future Rising Star time."
Curt Middleton, Parent of Max Middleton (age 10) 

"To my untrained eye, it looks like Will's stance and swing improved a bit after he watched the video you sent earlier this week. Will told me that these past two weeks were his "best" at Rising Star.  Thanks, and to his coaches, for providing Will with a great experience."
Gina Fedele, Parent of Will Stein (age 11)

"Thank you for the video, it really does help to watch it and see what he is doing. By the way, he can't wait to get up the hill to your camp every morning. You have a great staff. Thank you!"
Anthony Riina, Parent of Jack Riina (age 13)

"Tyler is loving camp. Just wanted to thank you for the analysis video of Tyler's swing.  It really highlights his weight distribution and the visual will allow him to correct his mistakes. Much appreciated."
Hans Dorsainvil, Parent of Tyler Dorsainvil (age 11)

"Thanks for everything,my son Dominick really enjoyed your camp very much and wants to do more weeks next year! I appreciate all that you and your staff do."
Dominic Miano, Parent of Dominic Miano (age 9)

"Coach Gurney, Thanks so much! He is LOVING camp - he's already talking about trying to come for more than one week next summer! He has done some clinics in the past, but we're always interested in good resources for him and he already seems to be getting a lot out of his camp experience at Rising Star."
Nancy Pasquale, Parent of Julian Pasquale (age 12)

"Our trip to Japan was fantastic. It was a truly unique baseball and cultural experience that we couldn't have gotten on any other trip. I didn't expect to learn as much about baseball - strategy, mechanics, terminology, history, coaching, etc. as I did and that is a tribute to coaches Gurney and Siler."
Dave Bard, Parent of Aaron and Nate Bard (age 12) 

"Thank you for always being an inspiration and motivator to Charlie. You have been without a doubt one of the reasons he has such a love for baseball and we so appreciate all that you do for Charlie! He is very lucky to have you in his life and we are so blessed to have you in our community devoting so much of your time to the kids."
Charles & Jane Glennon, Parent of Charlie Glennon (Class of 2023, Denison U. Baseball)

"I love how seriously Ben and his buddies are taking in all of this.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience!"
Judy Kahn, Parent of Ben Kahn (age 14)

"Thank you very much for your taking care of Hayato every day and sending his picture. I am very happy that he enjoys playing baseball with many friends and kind coaches."
Yasuhiro Ide, Parent of Hayato Ide (age 12)

"Coach Gurney - I just wanted to thank you for a terrific summer. Alon absolutely loved the camp--he told my wife and me that he wished it could continue for another five weeks. Thank you for everything."
David Schwartz, Parent of Alon Schwartz (age 10)

"Thank you so much for this photo and the one of Daniel! The boys had a fantastic week and will see you again in August."
Christopher Tahbaz, Parent of Stephen and Daniel Tahbaz (age 10)

"Coach Gurney - thank you so much - he had such fun at your baseball camp - and was actually disappointed going to Hershey park because he was missing it!"
Fiona Bruder, Parent of Declan Bruder (age 5)

"Thank you so much this amazing picture of Brendan!  His form looks great and it is because of your wonderful camp!  I have forwarded it to all the siblings, grandparents and even some friends. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their camp experience and they will all be back next year!"
Hope Hirshorn, Parent of three boys (ages 5, 12, 14)

"Thank you Coach Gurney. Rohit has enjoyed camp as did my older one. You have an excellent program!"
Ashwin Palekar, Parent of Rohit Palekar (age 9)

"Michael played the last game of his travel team's season last night. He cracked a three run homer and made a beautiful double play at 3rd base and threw the runner out at home! Thanks for the great work you all did with him this summer. He can't wait to come back next summer."
Mario Manganiello, Parent of Michael Manganiello (age 8)

"Thanks Coach. I took your advice and tried to keep it fun during our last game. We lost 8-7 but we were down 6-2 and the boys came back. They were cheering each other on and it was great to see. Merritt was great on the mound. 5 innings 2 walks 1 hit batter, 6 K's, and 5 hits, 1 earned run. He's really progressing and we owe a lot of that to you and your great staff."
Mike Scott, Parent of Merritt Scott (age 10)

"Thank you for your support and great feedback. Joel had a great time. He enjoyed all the coaches. Joel is looking forward to staying involved in Rising Star . He would have joined another week but we are leaving for Portugal tomorrow."
Lucia Goncalves, Parent of Joel Goncalves (age 14)

"Coach- Thank you so much for an amazingly well run and fantastic week of camp.  My son Ryan absolutely loved it, learned so much and was excited to improve every day.  You have this program down to a science and it shows.  Extremely impressed."
Jessica McEvily, Parent of Ryan McEvily (age 6)

"I don't know what you guys are doing there, but whatever it is it's making my kid super happy so thank you very much for your hard work and for taking good care of Will!"
Linda Cavalier, Parent of Will Cavalier (age 9)

"Coach Gurney - We are very appreciative of (and pleasantly surprised by) your feedback, and the work that you and your staff do on behalf of the kids. It's coaches like you that have a real impact on developing athletes."
Jamie & Derek Deutsch, Parents of Ben Deutsch (age 11)

"We are so appreciative for our son Nathan's incredible experience at Rising Star Baseball Camp during the past two years - and can't wait for more to come. Coach Gurney and his dedicated staff provide a highly engaging environment that goes beyond what we have seen anywhere else."
Jon Lieb, Parent of Nathan Lieb (age 10)

"He has absolutely loved every second of camp! You truly have an amazing program and we look forward to many more summers with you! And your book is fantastic!"
Krisitna Dunleavy, Parent of Austin Dunleavy (age 8)